BIGO LIVE Tutorial: How to Use BIGO LIVE

BIGO LIVE is a leading live video streaming social network where you can stream the live to show your life moments and showcase your talents. Here are some basic things you need to know to start your own live.

Part 1: Sign up & Log in BIGO LIVE

Step 1: Download BIGO LIVE APP from Google Play or App Store.

Step 2: Sign up with Facebook, Google or your phone number and log in your account.

Step 3: Keep your personal account and password carefully.

Log in interface

Part 2: How to Go Live on BIGO LIVE

Step 1: Click the “live” button in the bottom of the middle.

Step 2: Now you can star regular live, multi-guest live or game live.

Step 3: Add a title for your live, and select live tags, like #dance #music etc. so that people can easily find your live.

Step 4: Share the live link to social media platform to make more people watch your live.

Step 5: After all the above settings, click “Go Live”.

Five steps to go live

Tips:If you want to broadcast games, please read our tutorial about game streaming. 

Part 3: Tips for Increasing Your Fans on BIGO LIVE

1. Basic Setup – Profile Image

√Set up a good-looking image in high definition highlighting your face and above your waist with clear and bright background.

Sample image

× Don’t use filters to over-beautify your photos. Avoid to hide yourself in the darkness.

× Avoid to use cartoon character or movie character as your profile image which might not be appealing to the audience.

Wrong sample image

2. Basic Setup – Perfect Angle

Level Angle: Make yourself looking in a natural way.

High Angle: Make yourself looking thinner, younger and more attractive.

3. Basic Setup – Background

√Beginner: Decorate your background with curtains, wallpaper, furniture in simple and neat style.

√Master: Match your performance theme with unique decorations.

× Dark and unclear background might bring bad experience to your audience.

Background recommendation

4. Basic Setup – Interact with Audience

When new audience come into your live room, just say “Hi” and show your warm welcome to them, which gives good impressions to your audience.

Give your thanks if you receive gifts from the audience, like showing “heart” gesture, or saying out their names.

Interaction with audience

Part 4: Prohibited Behaviors on BIGO LIVE

1. Smoking, gambling, drugs, pornography, vulgar and violent live contents are not allowed.

2. Guns, knives and other weapons are prohibited. Do not imitate or dress up like a terrorist, or spread any terrorist’s ideas.

3. It’s forbidden to pretend to be BIGO LIVE official staff to post news.

4. Go live to promote other brands or products without official permissions with BIGO LIVE is not allowed.

5. Minor is not allowed to stream the live.

6. It is forbidden to publish contents that violates local laws, customs, and politics as well as cultural, religious, geographical, and personal attacks during the live.

7. Pirated movies, TV dramas, sports games, variety shows and other copyrighted contents are not allowed to share during personal live.

Please keep to obey the above community guideline, or our official monitoring team will ban or even ban the accounts.

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