Top 7 Periscope Alternatives for Live Streaming

Remember Periscope? That live streaming darling that Twitter introduced to us? It feels like just yesterday we were exploring the world through someone else’s camera lens. But as all good things come to an end, so did Periscope in April 2021, leaving many of us wondering where to head next for our live video streaming fixes.

Worry not! We’ve scoured the digital universe to bring you seven fantastic Periscope alternatives that will keep your live streaming adventures alive and kicking.

Let’s dive in and discover where you can share your next live moment!

Periscope Is Out: Dive into These Alternatives


BIGO LIVE emerges as a formidable Periscope alternative, captivating users with its global live streaming platform. Distinguished by its diverse content ranging from live music performances to casual chats, BIGO LIVE caters to a broad audience.

This app facilitates real-time interaction between streamers and viewers, fostering a dynamic community.

Its unique features, such as virtual gifts and multi-guest rooms, enhance user engagement, making it a standout among apps similar to Periscope. For those pondering what replaced Periscope, BIGO LIVE offers a vibrant, interactive space for live content creators and consumers alike.

2. Vimeo Livestream

Vimeo Livestream positions itself as a professional-grade Periscope replacement, catering primarily to businesses and event producers seeking high-quality live streaming solutions.

This platform is renowned for its exceptional streaming quality, robust analytics, and comprehensive integration options, making it an ideal choice for organizations looking to broadcast live events.

With Vimeo Livestream, users benefit from a seamless integration with other Vimeo offerings, creating a cohesive video hosting and streaming experience. For sites like Periscope that emphasize quality and professional use, Vimeo Livestream stands out as a premier choice.

3. YouTube Live

YouTube Live is a powerhouse in the realm of live streaming, offering a platform that rivals the capabilities of Periscope. As a significant player among Periscope competitors, YouTube Live leverages YouTube’s extensive user base and advanced video technology to deliver live content across various genres. From breaking news and live sports to personal vlogs and instructional broadcasts, YouTube Live facilitates a diverse range of live streaming experiences.

Its integration with the broader YouTube ecosystem enables content creators to reach a vast audience, positioning it as a top contender for those seeking apps like Periscope.

4. YouNow

YouNow stands out as a dynamic social live streaming platform, appealing to a younger demographic keen on interactive and real-time content.

As a Periscope alternative, YouNow offers a unique blend of live broadcasting, audience interaction, and social networking, allowing users to discover and engage with live entertainment and creative expressions. Streamers on YouNow can build their following, engage with fans, and even earn revenue through the platform’s partner program.

For individuals looking for apps similar to Periscope that prioritize community and interactivity, YouNow presents a compelling option.

5. Twitch

Primarily known for its dominance in the gaming live streaming market, Twitch has expanded its offerings to include a wide array of live content, positioning itself as a robust Periscope competitor.

Twitch’s platform is built around its community, providing a space for streamers to share their gaming sessions, creative content, and even casual chats with viewers. Its interactive features, such as chat and subscriptions, create a lively and engaging viewer experience.

For gamers and non-gamers alike seeking a Periscope replacement that emphasizes community and live interaction, Twitch offers an unparalleled environment.

6. Tango Live

Tango Live provides a vibrant live streaming experience, focusing on social interactions and entertainment.

As a Periscope alternative, Tango Live attracts users with its easy-to-use interface and diverse content, from dancing and singing to casual conversations. The platform encourages interaction between broadcasters and viewers through features like gifts, likes, and comments, enriching the live streaming experience.

For those exploring apps similar to Periscope that offer a mix of entertainment and social engagement, Tango Live is a notable choice.

7. Facebook Live

Facebook Live leverages the vast social network of Facebook to offer a comprehensive live streaming service, making it a formidable Periscope competitor.

It enables users to broadcast live to friends, followers, or public audiences directly from their Facebook profile, page, or group. With Facebook Live, streamers can interact in real-time with their viewers, receive reactions, and engage in live discussions. This integration with the broader Facebook ecosystem provides a seamless experience for content creators and viewers alike.

For those seeking a Periscope replacement that capitalizes on social connectivity, Facebook Live stands as a prominent option.


Where Will You Stream Next?

And there you have it, folks – 7 best apps like Periscope. Whether you’re in it for the games, the chit-chats, or the chance to broadcast your life’s moments, there’s a platform calling your name.

The real question is, where will you go live next? Grab your smartphone, choose your stage, and let the world see what you’ve got. After all, every moment is a live moment waiting to be shared. See you on the stream!