BIGO LIVE US Dedicates Livehouse Programming to Veterans Day

Here at BIGO Live, we’re proud to recognize the brave men and women who have, and continue to selflessly serve our country.  As they have supported us, we are proud to support them by dedicating Wednesday’s Livehouse programming to Veterans Day. Through a series of in-app activations, our goal was to provide a space for veterans and their families to share stories and connect with others who’ve endured similar experiences. Additionally, it was a day for non-military members to come together and express their gratitude for the courage these men and women display every day to keep us safe and defend our freedom.

BIGO LIVE US Dedicates Livehouse Programming to Veterans Day

We’ve had veterans tell us about their own time on the front lines, offer advice for navigating the transition back to civilian life, sing combat songs, and more. We’ve also seen powerful messages of support and gratitude from veterans’ families, friends, and perhaps most importantly, strangers. Wednesday was a memorable day to come together and thank veterans for all they do, and it was so wonderful to see it take place on BIGO LIVE.

It is important to remember that some of the toughest battles for soldiers take place after they’ve returned home, so our hope was that by providing a global platform to connect with others, we can foster a healthy community of continuous support for our armed forces. We cannot thank our veterans and active military members enough, and we hope that our efforts this week reflect our gratitude for our armed forces today and every day.

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