BIGO to Showcase AI Marvels at LEAP 2024

At BIGO Technology, we’re filled with pride to share our participation as a Gold level sponsor and exhibitor at the eagerly awaited LEAP 2024, taking place in Riyadh from March 4-7, 2024. This premier event provides a splendid platform for us to present our state-of-the-art technologies and creative solutions, particularly in the exciting field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It also underscores our unwavering dedication to nurturing entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic growth in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

Rooted in a tradition of innovation, BIGO Technology is a trailblazer in leveraging AI to empower our Real-Time Communications products and services. This encompasses our highly acclaimed livestreaming platform, Bigo Live, our dynamic short video community, Likee, and our instant communication tool, imo. Our global presence stretches across more than 150 countries, captivating hundreds of millions of users each month, thus cementing our role as a pioneer in developing immersive content platforms that transcend borders and cultures.

Ian Goh, a distinguished director at BIGO Technology, is set to engage in a comprehensive dialogue about the creator economy at LEAP 2024’s orbital stage. He is thrilled about BIGO’s participation, stating, “At BIGO, our passion for technological innovation and commitment to delivering tailored experiences to users fuels our endeavors. Our presence at LEAP 2024 is a testament to our solid support for Saudi Arabia’s ambitious vision to harness AI and emerging technologies for a thriving digital future. We’re excited to unveil our AI-centric solutions and foster strategic collaborations with government entities, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and visionaries.”


The four-day spectacle of LEAP 2024 invites attendees to dive deep into BIGO’s groundbreaking AI technology, designed to enhance online interactions and foster genuine connections. From engaging interactive demonstrations to insightful discussions on the creative economy, BIGO’s presence at LEAP is set to inspire and herald a new chapter in digital innovation.

Saudi Arabia’s recognition as a global frontrunner in the Government Strategy Index for Artificial Intelligence by Tortoise Intelligence highlights the Kingdom’s proactive stance in integrating AI into its future economic blueprint. As digitalization and emerging technologies continue to advance, they are poised to significantly contribute to the Kingdom’s GDP growth by 2030.

In line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, BIGO Technology is committed to making a meaningful impact in the Kingdom. With plans to establish a Saudi operation center to act as a regional headquarters and create 500 jobs in the next five years, BIGO aims to bolster the country’s creative sector and elevate Middle Eastern culture on the world stage.

BIGO’s strategic vision for Saudi Arabia includes societal development, technological progress, and cultural promotion. Through strategic alliances, technology transfer, and job creation initiatives, BIGO is determined to unlock the region’s potential, fostering a contemporary, diverse, and innovative society.

“Our engagement in Saudi Arabia goes beyond business interests; it signifies a deep commitment to contribute to the Kingdom’s bright future,” Goh adds. “By using technology as a force for good, we envision a society enriched by cultural exchange, mutual understanding, and worldwide connectivity. Our alignment with Vision 2030 reflects our belief in technology’s power to unite, empathize, and inspire compassion globally.”

Discover BIGO Technology’s pioneering AI innovations and join us in contributing to Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation. Visit us at the Jordan pavilion (booth number: H5,D70) and the Singapore pavilion (booth number: H5,I71) during LEAP 2024. Embark with BIGO Technology on an exciting journey to reshape Saudi Arabia’s digital landscape at LEAP 2024.