Bigo Live Lite: A Smaller, Simpler & Faster App to Watch Live

Bigo Live Lite is the pocket-sized version of Bigo Live. It is smaller, faster and reserves core functions—live video watching and virtual gifts. It is specially designed for low-end mobile device users. You can download BIGO LIVE Lite from Google Play directly.

Why We Launched the Lite Version of BIGO LIVE?

I am sure you have experienced a situation when

  • You are desperate to watch a live show, while it takes you 30 minutes to download the app and then everything comes to its end.
  • You are unable to install an app due to low storage and you have to delete other apps before installation.
  • You have been driven crazy because the app reacts and runs slowly.
  • You are forced to shut off the live video shows or even your mobile phone due to large data usage and battery consumption.

BIGO LIVE Lite is tailored to your needs.

Why BIGO LIVE Lite is Friendly to Low-end Users?

A few features ensure that it is the best live video watching app for low data users.

  • Small in APK size (8.3MB). Thus, it is fast to download and install.
  • Take up small storage and memory (30MB after installation)
  • Low data consumption (Data Saver Mode)

People will doubt that whether they could enjoy perfect live video watching experience using this small app. The answer is YES.

Bigo Live Lite

Log in Bigo Live Lite and what shows in front of you is tons of live videos from different countries with a varied collection of content. You can filter live streams by countries or regions so that you could choose the one that you are interested in. Enter the room, you can say something to voice your opinions or feelings. If you two have a good chemistry, you can follow him/her, share the link to your friends or send some gifts and then level up. Basically, the watching experience is intact, perfect and smooth.

What’s the Difference Between BIGO LIVE Lite and BIGO LIVE?

Small APK size entails the loss of some features. Compared with Bigo Live, Bigo Live Lite has two drawbacks:

  1. You cannot broadcast. Bigo Live Lite is only for watching, not for live streaming.
  2. You cannot efficiently find your favorite content. Videos are not categorized in Bigo Live Lite and they are all in one channel. But you could make good use of the tag of the room.

However, Bigo Live Lite has two shining points:

  1. Data and storage saving due to small APK size.
  2. Clearer and more user-friendly interface. You will not be bombarded with information.

After saying all these, why not download Bigo Live Lite to experience by yourself? I am sure that you will fall in love with it.

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