Twitch Alternatives: 12 Streaming Platforms Like Twitch

Twitch has been a colossal force in the live game streaming world, drawing over 15 million daily viewers. However, Twitch’s recent decision to reduce creator earnings has sparked a search for alternatives to Twitch among streamers and viewers alike.

If you’re looking for sites like Twitch or apps like Twitch, you’re in luck. This article introduces you to 12 video game streaming platforms that stand as formidable Twitch competitors.

12 Best Twitch Alternatives & Competitors

1. YouTube Gaming: A Premier Gaming Streaming Platform

YouTube Gaming, once a standalone app and now integrated into YouTube, is one of the best gaming streaming platforms and a significant Twitch alternative.

With its massive audience base, YouTube allows gamers to easily find and enjoy live streams of their preferred games. It features game-related videos on demand and updates on the gaming industry, making it a comprehensive hub for all things gaming. Notably, it offers features such as donations and subscriptions to support individual channels.

Main Features:

  • Live game streaming
  • Donations and subscriptions for channel support
  • Comments and interaction with streamers
  • Game industry news updates

Best For: Gamers who prefer a familiar platform with a large user base. Also suitable for those who want to support their favorite streamers monetarily.

2. Bigo Live: More Than Just a Gaming Platform

Bigo Live, while not exclusively a gaming platform, offers a variety of live streams, including gaming. It’s a new streaming platform like Twitch that caters to a broader range of interests. You can find numerous broadcasters showcasing their unique skills on this platform. By exploring the app, you can find and follow streamers that match your interests.

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Main Features:

  • Variety of live streams beyond gaming
  • Ability to follow preferred streamers
  • Exploration of diverse content

Best For: Users looking for diverse content beyond gaming. Ideal for those who enjoy exploring different talents and entertaining broadcasts.

3. Dlive: Blockchain-Based Gaming Streaming

DLive caught my attention as one of the more innovative twitch alternatives, with its use of blockchain technology to reward both creators and viewers. Streaming on DLive felt like being part of a tight-knit community where contributions are tangibly rewarded, making it stand out among sites like Twitch.

The platform’s emphasis on direct viewer support and decentralized rewards system presents an intriguing option for streamers looking for alternatives to Twitch that offer different monetization strategies. Though smaller in scale, DLive’s commitment to fostering a supportive community environment makes it an appealing choice for new and existing content creators alike.

Main Features:

  • Game live streaming
  • Blockchain-based currency system
  • Tight-knit community engagement
  • Less stringent content guidelines

Best For: New streamers looking for a welcoming community and a platform that allows them to retain more of their earnings.

4. Caffeine: A Social Networking Twist on Game Streaming

Caffeine is a novel streaming platform that combines social networking with live streaming, making it an appealing Twitch competitor for those seeking a more interactive experience.

Users can browse a feed similar to Twitter or Facebook to find streams of interest. The platform enables user connectivity, making every user a potential streamer.

Main Features:

  • Social network-like user experience
  • Interactive and unique chat system
  • Every user can stream

Best For: Streamers who prefer a more social networking-like experience and interactive communication during live streams.

5. Trovo: Familiar and User-Friendly

Trovo, a video game streaming platform, is favored by smaller streamers for its similarity to Twitch in interface and functionality, making it one of the emerging Twitch alternatives.

It allows streaming of video games in an easy and monetized manner, offering viewers a good selection of streamers and games.

Main Features:

  • Video game live streaming
  • Familiar, user-friendly interface
  • Monetization for streamers

Best For: Small streamers who want an easy-to-use, monetized platform for video game streaming. It’s also great for viewers seeking new and varied content.


6. Mirrativ: Mobile Streaming Focus

Mirrativ is a mobile-only live streaming app that lets users broadcast any content on their screens. It’s not limited to games; you can vlog, make friends, and even watch music videos. Viewers can interact with streamers in real-time via chat boxes, liking streams, and more.

Main Features:

  • Mobile-only live streaming
  • Screen sharing
  • Interactive chat boxes for viewers

Best For: Mobile gamers and casual users who want to broadcast a variety of content directly from their smartphones.

7. Facebook Gaming: Leveraging Social Media for Streaming

As an offshoot of the social media giant, Facebook Gaming serves as an alternative to Twitch, especially for new streamers looking to tap into an existing user base.

It allows content creators to upload videos, stream live gameplay, and monetize their content through sponsors, donations, and subscriptions.

Main Features:

  • Live gameplay streaming
  • Video uploads using GameOn software
  • Monetization through sponsors, donations, and subscriptions

Best For: New streamers who want to tap into the existing Facebook user base, and those who prefer an easy-to-use interface for streaming and monetization.

8. Ustream: Diverse Content Streaming

Ustream, one of the earliest competitors of Twitch, offers live streaming, video recording, and uploading. It features a built-in chat system and broad content that ranges from eSport events to cooking shows. With its integration in Playstation 4 and Xbox One, streaming is a breeze.

Main Features:

  • Live streaming, video recording, and uploading
  • Built-in chat system
  • Diverse content beyond gaming
  • Integration with Playstation 4 and Xbox One

Best For: Streamers who want an all-in-one platform with diverse content, and gamers who use PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

9. Nimo TV: Global Gaming Community

Nimo TV is a live streaming platform that offers a diverse range of content including gaming, music, cooking, and sports. It facilitates an immersive and interactive streaming experience, connecting gamers globally and encouraging content sharing.

Main Features:

  • Diverse content beyond gaming
  • Immersive and interactive streaming
  • Global connectivity among gamers

Best For: Gamers who want to connect globally and users who appreciate a range of content beyond gaming.

10. Vimeo: A Platform for Serious Streamers

Vimeo is a versatile video sharing platform that hosts many gaming-focused channels. While not exclusively for gaming, it’s an excellent place for streamers who want to sell their content or launch a subscription service. It offers a free account with an upgrade option for advanced needs.

Main Features:

  • Video sharing and streaming
  • Monetization options (selling content, launching subscriptions)
  • Free account with an upgrade option

Best For: Streamers who are serious about monetizing their streams and videos, and those seeking a platform to build a robust subscription base.


11. StreamYard: Streaming Studio in Your Browser

StreamYard is a live streaming studio in your browser. It allows users to interview guests, share their screen, and simultaneously broadcast to multiple platforms. Although it’s not exclusive to gaming, it’s versatile and widely used for various live streaming needs.

Main Features:

  • Multistreaming: Stream simultaneously to multiple platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, LinkedIn, and more.
  • Graphics & Branding: Customize the appearance of your live stream with overlays, banners, and logos.
  • Screen Sharing: Showcase your screen or a particular application window.
  • Guests: Invite guests into your streams with a simple link. You can have on-screen chats and interviews with up to 10 participants.
  • Stream Recording: Recordings are available for download after the broadcast.
  • Live Comments: See and showcase comments from all destinations within StreamYard.

Best For: StreamYard is perfect for content creators, podcasters, interviewers, and those hosting panel discussions or webinars. Its ease of use and branding features make it a favorite for businesses and individuals alike who are looking to maintain a professional appearance in their streams.

12. Mobcrush: For Mobile Game Streamers

Mobcrush is a mobile game live streaming platform and community. It’s also a multi-platform streaming solution that allows you to simultaneously broadcast to several platforms.

Main Features:

  • Multi-platform Streaming: Stream your content simultaneously to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and more.
  • Integrated Chat: A unified chat experience that aggregates messages from all platforms, making it easier for the streamer to engage with viewers.
  • Streaming Analytics: Track your growth, viewer numbers, and engagement across all platforms.
  • Mobile Streaming Tools: Since Mobcrush started with a focus on mobile gaming, it offers robust tools for mobile streamers.

Best For: Mobcrush is excellent for mobile game streamers and any streamer looking to broadcast on multiple platforms at once. Its platform-agnostic nature allows for a broad reach, making it a favorite for creators wanting to expand their audience across different channels.

Conclusion: Finding Your Ideal Gaming Streaming Home

As we wrap up, it’s clear that while Twitch continues to be a dominant force in the world of game streaming, it’s not the only option available. With the variety of streaming platforms like Twitch that we’ve explored in this post, you have an assortment of alternatives that can cater to your unique needs as a streamer or viewer.

Whether it’s YouTube Gaming’s integration with the main YouTube app, Bigo Live’s diverse live streams, or Mirrativ’s mobile-centric approach, there is a platform out there for everyone.

Remember, the best platform is the one that aligns with your gaming preferences, community engagement, and potential for growth and monetization. Happy gaming and streaming!

Feature/PlatformTwitchBigo LiveYouTube GamingDLiveFacebook Gaming
Primary FocusGaming, eSports, IRLMobile Streaming, LifestyleGaming, eSportsGaming, BlockchainGaming, Community
MonetizationBits, Subscriptions, AdsGifts, Beans, AdsSuper Chat, Memberships, AdsLINO Points (Crypto-based)Stars, Fan Subscriptions
Multi-streamingNoNoNoNoYes (via 3rd party)
AudienceGlobal, mostly WesternGlobal, strong in AsiaGlobalGlobal, more lenient content policyGlobal
Chat FeaturesEmotes, Sub-only chatStickers, Public chatEmotes, Member-only chatStickers, Public chatStickers, Public chat
InteractivityHigh (Polls, Raids)Medium (Guest Live, PK Challenges)High (Polls, Premieres)Medium (Donations)Medium (Polls, Groups)
Content PolicyStrictModerateStrictMore LenientModerate
Mobile StreamingYesPrimarilyYesYesYes
Video QualityUp to 1080p/60fpsUp to 1080pUp to 4KUp to 1080pUp to 1080p
Community ToolsModeration tools, Channel PointsModeration tools, LeaderboardsModeration tools, Community postsModeration tools, VotingModeration tools, Groups