20 Best Video Chat Apps for Android and iPhone

In this era of interconnectedness, video chat apps have become the lifeline of communication, bridging the gap between distant loved ones and fostering collaboration across the globe. However, with a plethora of options available, choosing the best video chat app, especially free video chat apps, can be overwhelming.

Fear not!

This article explores the top 20 video chat apps for Android and iPhone, highlighting their unique features and functionalities.

From seamless conversations to innovative features, these apps offer a world of possibilities. So grab your device and get ready to embark on a journey of enhanced communication and meaningful connections.

20 Best Video Chat Apps for Seamless Connections

1. Bigo Live

Bigo Live stands out in the realm of live video chat apps, offering a dynamic blend of live streaming and video chatting capabilities.

This platform lets users socialize via one-to-one conversations or group chats through a unique multi-guest feature. A Bigo Live room, which can accommodate four, six, or nine participants, offers privacy controls allowing users to make their room private or public. With a vibrant live-streaming community, users can also receive virtual gifts and monetize their interactions. Bigo Live is perfect for individuals who love socializing through live conversations and content.

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Main features

  • One-to-one video chat
  • Group video chat with multi-guest feature
  • Private and public room options
  • Live streaming integration

2. WhatsApp

As one of the most popular free video chat apps, WhatsApp excels in providing secure and easy-to-use video calling features.

Its distinguishing features are multi-platform availability, including web, and its strong focus on privacy and security with end-to-end encryption. This guarantees that only the sender and receiver can access the content, protecting user data from third parties. Ideal for everyday users, WhatsApp offers a user-friendly interface to stay connected with friends and family securely.

Main features

  • Personal and group video calls
  • Messaging and photo/document sharing
  • End-to-end encryption for privacy and security

3. Viber

Evolving from a voice-calling app, Viber now functions as a messaging service allowing text, voice, and video calls. Unique features include conversation recording, Chat Extension for sharing YouTube and Spotify links, and the ability to retract messages. Perfect for users who prioritize recording their calls or love sharing multimedia content, Viber adds another layer to communication.

Main features

  • Text, voice, and video calls
  • Conversation recording
  • Chat Extension for sharing YouTube and Spotify links
  • Message retraction for avoiding embarrassment

4. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger ranks as a top-tier, all-in-one video chat app. Features range from sending messages and stickers, group video chats, to sharing photos and documents. Additional fun elements include in-app games and a dark mode for reduced battery consumption. Ideal for users who enjoy interactive features beyond basic messaging, Facebook Messenger keeps communication engaging.

Main features

  • Messaging, stickers, and photo/document sharing
  • Group video chats
  • In-app games and dark mode

5. Skype

Skype, a veteran in the video chat apps since 2003, excels in messaging and high-quality video calling. It offers unique features like real-time voice translation and call recording. Plus, it allows users to make phone calls at affordable rates. Skype is an excellent choice for users who frequently interact with international friends or colleagues, thanks to its translation feature.

Main features

  • Messaging and high-quality video calls
  • Real-time voice translation
  • Call recording
  • Phone call capabilities

6. Microsoft Teams

Primarily catering to businesses and professionals, Microsoft Teams allows up to 100 people in a call in its free tier. Features include screen sharing, background blur, and AI-powered noise suppression. Integrated with Office, Teams is part of the Office 365 plan. It’s best for large groups and businesses needing professional tools for communication.

Main features

  • Business-oriented video chats and meetings
  • Screen sharing and background blur
  • Integration with Office 365

7. Google Duo

Google Duo is a simplified, free video chat app delivering high-quality video calls. Its unique Knock Knock feature provides a preview of the caller before answering. If your friends aren’t available, you can leave a video message. Google Duo is best for users who prefer an app dedicated to video calls with high-quality standards.

Main features

  • Simplified free video calls
  • Knock Knock feature for previewing callers
  • Video messaging
  • User-friendly interface

8. Google Hangouts Meet

Google Hangouts Meet is designed for business video meetings, integrating with Google Calendar for easy scheduling and meeting detail sharing. Up to 100 members can join a video call via a meeting code. However, a complete experience requires a G suite purchase. It’s an excellent solution for businesses and professionals seeking an integrated meeting platform.

Main features

  • Business video meetings
  • Integration with Google Calendar for scheduling
  • Meeting details sharing
  • Large meeting capacity (up to 100 participants)

9. Zoom

Similar to Hangouts Meet, Zoom is designed for professional meetings, but with more robust features. It can host up to 500 people in webinars and 300 in traditional meetings, supporting simultaneous screen sharing and recording. It’s an ideal platform for businesses and organizations that need to host large meetings or webinars.

Main features

  • Business meeting platform
  • Large meeting capacity (up to 500 in webinars, 300 in traditional meetings)
  • Simultaneous screen sharing and recording

10. Discord

Popular in the gaming community, Discord offers more than just video chat; it’s a comprehensive platform for video chat and live game streaming.

Users can stream their gaming activities to friends, providing an interactive gaming experience. Discord is best suited for the gaming community or groups that appreciate a combination of video chat and live streaming.

Main features

  • Video chat for gamers
  • Game streaming within the app

11. FaceTime

As an integral part of the Apple ecosystem, FaceTime is a top video chat app for iPhone users.

It supports various interactive features like Animojis, Memojis, stickers, and enables up to 32 people in a single call. With FaceTime Audio, users can make calls over data or Wi-Fi. It’s best for Apple users seeking an intuitive, fun, and user-friendly video chat app.

Main features

  • Preinstalled on Apple devices
  • Video calls with up to 32 people
  • Fun features like Animojis and Memojis

12. imo

Designed for versatility, imo supports high-quality video chats with friends and family both locally and globally. It stands out by supporting all network types, including 2G, making it accessible for users with low-end devices. It also features the nearby interest groups discovery function. Ideal for users in areas with limited network coverage, imo ensures that staying connected isn’t dependent on your network quality.

Main features

  • Free high-quality video calls
  • Support for all networks, including 2G
  • Nearby interest groups discovery

13. Telegram

Prioritizing privacy and speed, Telegram syncs across devices, supports file sharing and social messaging without limits. Encrypted video calls, overlay in other apps, and a dedicated desktop app make Telegram a versatile and secure communication app. It’s best for users who value privacy and seamless multi-device synchronization.

Main features

  • Secure messaging and video calls
  • Cloud storage for chat history
  • Customizable overlay and landscape/portrait mode

14. Signal Private Messenger

Offering built-in privacy settings, Signal enables secure and fast messaging, file sharing, and video calls. Customizable audio for each contact and reliable message delivery even on slower connections make Signal a unique and privacy-focused app. It’s best suited for users who prioritize privacy and security in their communications.

Main features

  • Secure and fast messaging, file sharing, and video calls
  • Customizable audio for each contact
  • Reliable message delivery even on slow connections

15. Glide — Video Chat Messenger

For those who love to share life’s moments, Glide offers video messaging combined with texting. Capture and share real-time moments at remarkable speeds, making long-distance communication more personal. It’s best for users who enjoy sharing their day-to-day life through videos.

Main features

  • Real-time video messaging combined with texting
  • Integration with Android Wear for smartwatch use

16. ICQ Video Calls & Chat Rooms

ICQ offers an integrated video chat and text messaging experience without sacrificing quality. It offers various features like smart reply messaging, voice-to-text conversions, group messaging, and video calling. Users can even mask video calls, enhancing privacy. ICQ is best for users looking for a quality all-in-one communication platform.

Main features

  • Video calls and text messaging with high quality
  • Stickers, smart reply messaging, and voice-to-text conversions

17. Holla

Holla is an engaging Stranger Video Chat app, offering an excellent platform for meeting people globally. Its user-friendly interface and exciting features like video filters, avatars, and stickers make it a fun platform for social explorers who enjoy meeting new people.

Main features

  • Stranger video chat app for meeting people globally
  • Video filters, avatars, and stickers for added fun

18. CamSurf

CamSurf is a random video chat app that is free and user-friendly. It stands out with its ability to filter connections based on language or location. CamSurf is ideal for users looking to connect with people across different geographical locations.

Main features

  • Random video chat app with language and location filters
  • Lightweight platform and simple interface

19. Chatous

Chatous facilitates global connections and friendships based on common interests. It’s a secure platform where users can end chats anytime and even share audio-video messages and photos. Ideal for users who appreciate diverse interactions, Chatous takes global communication to a personal level.

Main features

  • Connect with people globally based on shared interests
  • Secure chat with the ability to end conversations
  • Audio-video messages and YouTube video sharing

20. WeChat

WeChat provides video calling with a maximum capacity of nine participants, ideal for intimate family or friend chats. Its standout feature is notifying you of calls even with your screen off. WeChat is not merely a messaging app, it offers various innovative features such as WeChat Pay, convenience services, and mini programs. It’s best for users seeking an integrated platform with diverse features beyond video calling.

Main features

  • Video calls for family and friends (up to 9 participants)
  • Call notifications even with the screen off
  • Integration with WeChat Pay and other practical features

How to Choose the Best Video Chat App for You?

Video Chat AppBest Suited ForKey Features
Bigo LiveSocializers and live content creatorsOne-to-one/group video chat, live streaming, virtual gifts
WhatsAppEveryday users for personal communicationPersonal/group video calls, end-to-end encryption
ViberUsers who like sharing multimedia contentText/voice/video calls, conversation recording, Chat Extension
Facebook MessengerUsers who enjoy interactive featuresMessaging, group video chats, in-app games, dark mode
SkypeInternational callers and translatorsHigh-quality video calls, real-time voice translation, call recording
Microsoft TeamsBusinesses and professionalsBusiness-oriented video chats, screen sharing, Office 365 integration
Google DuoUsers preferring high-quality video callsSimplified video calls, Knock Knock feature, video messaging
Google Hangouts MeetProfessionals needing integrated meeting platformsBusiness video meetings, Google Calendar integration
ZoomLarge businesses and organizationsLarge meeting capacity, simultaneous screen sharing, recording
DiscordGaming communityVideo chat for gamers, game streaming
FaceTimeApple usersVideo calls with up to 32 people, Animojis, Memojis
imoUsers in areas with limited network coverageHigh-quality video calls on all networks, nearby interest groups discovery
TelegramUsers valuing privacy and multi-device syncSecure messaging/video calls, cloud storage, customizable overlay
Signal Private MessengerPrivacy-focused usersSecure messaging, file sharing, video calls, customizable audio
Glide — Video Chat MessengerUsers who share daily life through videosReal-time video messaging, texting, smartwatch integration
ICQ Video Calls & Chat RoomsAll-in-one communication platform seekersVideo/text messaging, smart replies, voice-to-text conversions
HollaSocial explorers, meeting new peopleStranger video chat, video filters, avatars, stickers
CamSurfUsers connecting across different locationsRandom video chat with language/location filters
ChatousUsers seeking diverse global interactionsGlobal connections based on interests, secure chat, media sharing
WeChatUsers seeking an integrated platformVideo calls for up to 9, call notifications, WeChat Pay integration

Choosing the best video chat app for your needs comes down to a few key factors. Consider the features that are most important to you, such as group video calling, messaging capabilities, privacy and security measures, or integration with other platforms. Think about the devices you’ll be using and whether cross-platform compatibility is crucial. Additionally, take into account the preferences and needs of the people you’ll be connecting with.

Whether you prioritize simplicity, advanced functionalities, or a specific focus like gaming or business meetings, there’s a video chat app out there for you. With the wide range of options available, you can find the perfect app that caters to your unique communication requirements. Happy video chatting!