BIGO Lights Up the World

It is BIGO time! So proud to share this special moment with all BIGOers. BIGO will facilitate breathtaking activations that will feature some of the world’s most renowned landmarks to build anticipation for the 2021 Awards Gala ceremony.

BIGO Lights Up Burj Khalifa

 BIGO Billboard in USA

BIGO Lights Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

BIGO Billboard in South Korea

BIGO Lights Up Panoramix Central World in Bangkok, Thailand

BIGO Lights Up Maseco in Vietnam 

BIGO Billboard in France

BIGO Lights Up SCBD Ratu Plaza in Indonesia

BIGO Lights up EDSA Avenue in Manila, Philippines

BIGO billboard in Turkey

Check out BIGO Billboards in Parkistan

More Surprise, stay tuned!

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