Bigo Live VS “Vigo Live”

I believe that most people searching Vigo Live are actually looking for Bigo Live. There are two reasons for this. First, there is actually no Vigo Live product. Second, look at your keyboard and you will find that the “v” key is next to the “b” key, which results in this typo. If my assumption is wrong, then it must be the users’ fault in that he/she has confused Bigo Live with Vigo Video.

Bigo Live is a world-leading live streaming platform owned by a Singapore company. People can watch live videos and broadcast their life moments in this platform. There is a varied collection of live shows in Bigo Live including but not limited to chatting, singing, dancing, gaming and story-telling. No matter what you want to watch, you can find it in Bigo Live.

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Bigo Live main features

As to “Vigo Live”, actually it is Vigo Video. It is a short video platform also owned by ByteDance whose another famous product is called TikTok. In Vigo Video, you could show your daily life in a short video clip. The clip usually lasts for 15s and is accompanied by a period of music. Of course, people can watch, like, comment and repost others’ short videos. Anything could be posted in “Vigo Live” as long as the content does not violate the regulations.

“Vigo Live” main features

So, the biggest difference between Bigo Live and “Vigo Live” is that Bigo Live is streaming live videos, while “Vigo Live” is sharing short videos. Due to this fundamental difference, you can enjoy these in Bigo Live:

  1. Strong and real-time interaction with the broadcasters
  2. Receive virtual gifts and earn money
  3. Watch live shows for hours

And you can enjoy these in “Vigo Live”:

  1. Video clips that are customized for you
  2. Much more diverse content
  3. Record and share your daily life in the most fashion way
  4. Fully use your time confetti

Bigo Live and “Vigo Live” are two products with different selling points. I hope I have made it clear in this post and users shall choose their product based on their needs.

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