Is Bigo Live a Dating App?

Bigo Live, a free, fast-paced, fun-filled livestreaming app, celebrates its 8th anniversary in April 2024 with more than 400 million users worldwide.  

It’s been a long time that many people have a certain misunderstanding about Bigo Live, especially when they are unfamiliar with the form of a live broadcast or they have never been in contact with a live stream. They may wonder whether Bigo Live is a dating app. So, the answer is absolutely NO. BIGO LIVE does have certain social functions, but it has several differences from the dating app, so even if you want to get to know other friends through it, it can offer you some opportunities as well.

Features of BIGO LIVE: Live Stream, Live Game & Live Chat

The Bigo Live app is a live streaming platform where people can share live videos by going LIVE, seeking for entertaining content, playing games and socializing with more people.

The App is designed to help people share their ideas, their lives and talents and make new friends across different countries as well.  On the Bigo Live app, you can do the following things as you like:

  • Stream online, show the world your talent, and earn money;
  • Watch live shows, express your admiration for the live broadcaster or look out for entertainers like talented rappers, dancers, singers, performers and with recently launched Education channel, or even seek English coaching on Bigo Live ;
  • Make a video chat or a voice call with one of your friends or a group of like-minded friends ;
  • Broadcasting game play .

BIGO LIVE – The App That Merges Video Chat with Live Streaming

Bigo Live is probably the first app to merge video chat and live streaming. Its main purpose is to help you entertain and kill the time. Bigo live’s chat room can accommodate up to 9 people. You are able to meet and talk with your friends when you are not convenient to meet each other or you’re not in the same place, for example, during your summer vacation, you can share your happy time with each other. The good thing about Bigo Live is that if you don’t want strangers to enter your room, you can lock it up, and it’s going to be a private space for you.

Besides, if you think that  your normal social circle is too limited, or if you’re not good at interacting with strangers in your daily life, Bigo Live offers you a great forum. It’s pretty easy to get someone who is willing to listen to your story. On Bigo Live, everyone matters.


Comparing Bigo Live to Dating Apps

Dating apps, such as Tinder, Bumble, and OkCupid, are primarily designed to facilitate romantic connections. They offer features like profile swiping, matchmaking algorithms, and messaging systems geared towards building romantic relationships. Here are some critical distinctions between Bigo Live and traditional dating apps:

  • Purpose: The primary aim of dating apps is to help users find romantic partners. In contrast, Bigo Live focuses on entertainment, social interaction, and content creation.
  • Content: Dating apps typically emphasize personal profiles, preferences, and compatibility. Bigo Live, however, revolves around live content, where the emphasis is on broadcasting and interacting with audiences rather than personal matchmaking.
  • Monetization: While dating apps may offer premium features for an enhanced dating experience, Bigo Live’s monetization is heavily based on virtual gifts and in-app purchases related to live streaming.

The Grey Area

Despite the clear distinctions, Bigo Live can occasionally overlap with dating apps in some aspects. The platform’s social interaction features, such as one-on-one video chats and the ability to follow and message users, can create opportunities for personal connections. For some users, these features might lead to romantic interactions, though this is not the app’s primary intent.


Bigo Live is not a dating app in the traditional sense. Its primary focus is on live streaming, social interaction, and entertainment. While it offers features that can facilitate personal connections, it does not have the matchmaking algorithms or profile-based swiping typical of dating apps. Users seeking romantic relationships might find opportunities on Bigo Live, but they will need to navigate a platform designed for broader social and entertainment purposes.

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