BiGoGreen: Show us How You Celebrate Earth Day

Though our streaming ecosystem flourishes virtually, Bigo Live recognizes that it is imperative for us all to do our parts to preserve our earth year-round. Our minds – and imaginations are consistently blown away by our BIGOers and the strides they make to share how they live sustainably. This Earth Day, Bigo Live looks forward to seeing some of these efforts at play live on our platform. Whether it’s planting a tree, tending to your garden, or even just going outside and enjoying the outdoors, show us what you’ve got using the hashtag #biGoGreen! 

Founded in 1970, Earth Day was launched to help and encourage people across the world to connect with nature and build resilient communities. Equality and diversity are two of our core values here at Bigo Live, and we are excited to celebrate all of Earth’s living creatures by continuing to help foster this inclusive and global environmental movement. We can’t wait to see how our creators #biGOGreen from home – today and year-round!