BIGO LIVE Hack: Can You Really Get Diamonds for Free?

Many people want to hack Bigo Live and get unlimited diamonds for free. And there are many tutorial and MOD apps which are claiming that they can hack Bigo Live and get free diamonds successfully. Then, can you trust them?

At the very beginning of the article, we must note you that you shouldn’t trust these websites and apps which are claiming to help you get free diamonds from Bigo Live. They are cheating you! If you believe them, you are in the risking of spending money but get nothing. At the same time, your personal information will be stolen, too. Take careful!

What is Bigo Live Hack?

Bigo Live Hack refers to an illegal behavior that users get free beans, diamonds and other virtual gifts by utilizing system bugs.

Why is Bigo Live Hack Dangerous?

Before answering this question, an important point that we must know is that it is impossible to cheat beans or diamonds in this way. There are two reasons.

First, Bigo is a technology-oriented company as we can see many advanced technics that are being used like facial detection and recognition system.

Second, more than 1,000 programmers are working on cyber security, IT infrastructure and other code-related fields and the number is expanding. Theoretically speaking, it is impossible to break through the defense since hundreds of coders are fixing bugs and improving the system. If someone is lucky enough to break through and does hack virtual gifts, then he/she will face Bigo second defense zone—monitoring system, whose mission is to monitor data abnormality and determine its nature. If it is indeed a cheat after confirming, Bigo will take serious actions to punish such behavior. It is not worth to cheat, let alone whether it will succeed or not.

How to Protect Yourself from BIGO LIVE Hack?

Back to our question, then why there are so many Bigo Live hack tutorials online and what is their purpose. The answer is fraud and deception. These tutorials, in most cases, require you to download an App under the name of cheating free beans and diamonds, which, to a large extent, is a virus. Even before you download the App, just a simple click will automatically send you the virus. The virus will lurk in your phone and collect your personal information and even your password. If you have added your bank cards in some apps, then you are dangerous. The best way to prevent such thing is that don’t believe any kind of hacking tutorial. Like what a famous proverb says: no “pay” no gain.

How to Get Beans and Diamonds?

There is only one way to get these gifts. That is by recharging. You can refer to the “Help & Feedback” section in Bigo Live app where you can find official tutorials teaching you how to top up and solve common problems.

Just a kind reminder that don’t believe any sorts of Bigo Live hacking tutorials online. First, it won’t work. Second, it will put you at risk.

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