BIGO Singapore Referral Program Rules

Thank you for helping to promote our community. The BIGO Singapore Referral Program (“Referral Program” or “Program”) is offered by Bigo Technology Pte. Ltd. and its affiliates (“BIGO”), allows eligible users (“Users”) to earn commission as a referrer (“Referrer”) from every successful download and registration via your personalized referral links.

BIGO Ambassador Referral Program Rules (“Terms”, or “Agreement”) govern your participation, including, if applicable, to resolve any disputes between you and BIGO arising out of the BIGO Ambassador Referral Program. The Rules are in addition to any agreement between you and BIGO, including Bigo Live User Agreement.

By accepting and sharing your referral link or by signing up with a referral link, users are agreeing to be bound by these Terms.

1. Eligible Referrer/Referee

1.1  Registration Information. Applicants shall provide necessary information via BIGO Singapore Ambassador Application form (“Form”) requested by BIGO and shall ensure such information is true, accurate and complete, for the purpose of registration for the Program. Any false statement or inaccurate information submitted to BIGO shall be deemed as a breach of this Agreement and BIGO may reject the application at its sole discretion in such circumstances.

1.2  Eligible Referrers. Any individual may be a Referrer under the Referral Program if he/she:

(a) is a legal resident of Singapore;

(b) is at least 18 years old;

(c) have a minimum of 1,000 followers on any single social media account.

1.3  Official Host/Agency. BIGO official host or agency are not eligible to participate into this Referral Program and will be compensated in accordance with their Service Agreement with BIGO.

1.4  Eligible Referees. To receive a Referral Reward for inviting someone to download and register BIGO application, the Referrer’s referees must:

(a)   download BIGO application by the referral link of the Referrer;

(b)   be a new BIGO user without an existing account;

(b)   meet all the conditions BIGO has for using the app (age limit in different countries and region, etc.) in accordance with our Bigo Live User Agreement;

(c)   not have used a referral link from any other Referrer before; and

(d)   comply with all the requirements of Referral Program in this Agreement.

2.  How to Earn Referral Rewards

2.1  Valid Referral. Under Section 1.2, an eligible Referrer can earn Referral Rewards if a referee clicks the Referrer’s referral link to download and create a valid BIGO account that complies Bigo Live User Agreement.

2.2  Invalid Referrals. Referrers must not in any form manipulate the referrals to obtain Referral Rewards in violation of the Bigo Live User Agreement or the spirit and intent of the Referral Program. If BIGO detects such manipulative conduct, BIGO may in its sole discretion treat the affected referral(s) as invalid. Examples of such conduct include but are not limited to:

(a) A Referrer using his/her own referral link to open a new BIGO user account; and

(b) A Referrer causing a referee or any person acting on the Referrer’s behalf to create multiple accounts to use with the referral link.

3.  Referral Rewards and Payment Terms

3.1  Commission. Eligible Referrer shall be entitled to $2 USD worth of BIGO beans for every valid referral in accordance with this Agreement (“Referral Reward”). The Referral Reward shall be aggregated and credited on a monthly basis as BIGO beans into your BIGO account and redeemable for cash (conversion rate of beans: 210 beans = $1 USD).

3.2  Maximum Referral Rewards. The maximum amount of Referral Rewards that can be earned per Referrer will be $1,000 USD per month (worth of 210,000 BIGO beans). BIGO reserves the right to withhold or reject any payment for amount exceeds such maximum monthly rewards.

3.3  Minimum Payout. If the balance of referrer’s BIGO account is below the minimum payout of 6,700 BIGO beans, BIGO reserves the right to withhold such amounts until such balance has met the minimum payout. Please find more payout procedure and policy at the BIGO LIVE Tutorial.

3.4  Taxes. Referral Rewards in this Agreement are tax-included, and Referrers shall pay all local government taxes and fees relating this Agreement as applicable. Referrers shall be responsible for his/her (their) own individual tax obligations according to the local tax laws and regulations.

4.  Restrictions

4.1  Restrictions. BIGO has right to prescribe the restrictions in connection with your participation in the Referral Program. You agree that you will:

(a)   not spam anyone with referral links, including, but not limited to, mass emailing, texting or messaging manually or by automated systems or bots through any channel without express permission, and that you at all time will remain compliant with Spam Control Act 2007 and other applicable laws.

(b)   not use any offensive, abusive, obscene, and other prohibited content;

(c)   not make misleading claims or misrepresentation about BIGO to get a referee to use your referral link;

(d)   not alter or modify or create derivative works of the referral links or any of BIGO’s intellectual property without the prior written consent of BIGO. Nothing in this Agreement is intended to grant Affiliate any rights to use any of BIGO’s intellectual property; and

(e)   not the use your referral link or code in any manner that violates the laws and rights of third parties.

4.2  Rights. BIGO reserves the right to remove your eligibility to participate the Referral Program and deny any Referral Rewards earned in breach of suspected violation of these restrictions.

5.  Severability

5.1  Severability. In the event any provision or part of this Agreement is found to be illegal or unenforceable, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby.

6.  Termination and Updates

6.1  Termination and Updates. BIGO reserves the right to unilaterally update, change, terminate, or pause, these Terms, in whole or in part, as well as the eligibility of any referrer/referee and the validity of the referral rewards and suspend accounts in our sole discretion for any violation of these Rules as deemed fair and appropriate.

6.2  Implied Consent. Continued participation in the referral program after any modification by BIGO shall constitute consent to such modification.

7.  Governing law

7.1  This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore, excluding conflict of rules.

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