Bigo live’s Host Maria Luisa Varela Wins Miss Planet International

Standing tall amongst a group of beautiful women, Miss Maria Luisa Varela of the Philippines beamed with pride as she graciously accepted the crown and title of “Miss Planet International” in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in January this year.

Maria Luisa Varela Wins Miss Planet International

The newly crowned Miss Planet International has been a Bigo Live host since 2020 and goes by the ID: EmpressPH. An avid livestreamer, Miss Varela regularly streams on the social app, sharing her ideas, talking to her friends and fans, and of course, sharing tips about how each and every one can do their part in planet conservation. She believes that if each person just does their part, the collective result will create impact and change in the world.

“I enjoy Bigo Live because it’s such an international app. Through my phone, I can reach out to the world and share my message on conservation, and do my part to spread education and fight misconception.”  Miss Maria Luisa Varela says.  “Although the pageant has given me another platform to share about conservation, Bigo Live is unique because it allows me to reach everyone on a personal level. It’s also how I engage with my community especially during the pandemic.”

Maria Luisa Varela Live Stream

The bright-eyed beauty also showcases on Bigo Live, her love for dancing and her humorous take on current affairs and engaging with the youth in the community. However, she is best known for her warm and humble personality and for being a warrior of the planet.