BIGO LIVE Reviews 2024 – Everything You Wanted to Know

Since its launch in 2016, BIGO LIVE is massively popular in many countries, including United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Japan, Vietnam, Turkey, France, Colombia, Saudi Arabia and more. However, many others who is going to download BIGO LIVE app is still wondering,

  • What Is BIGO LIVE?
  • How does BIGO LIVE work?
  • Is BIGO LIVE a safe social networking app?
  • Is BIGO LIVE Safe for Kids?

In this full BIGO LIVE review, we walk you through everything you need to know about BIGO LIVE.

What is BIGO LIVE?

Based in Singapore, BIGO LIVE is a global live video streaming platform that allows users to show their life in real time with followers and connect others around the world. BIGO LIVE users have the ability to create their own content or they can enjoy live streaming as viewers, tuning into their favorite live streamers and channels. For those interested in live streaming, anyone is able to go live and can start making money from the virtual gifts they received.

As one of the most popular live streaming platform, it now has approximately 400 million users across 150 countries.

Category: Social Networking

App Store Content Rating:

  • Apple: 17+ (infrequent: simulated gambling, fantasy & realistic violence, mild sexual content and nudity, mature themes, profanity and crude humor, drug use).
  • Google Play: 13+

App Store User Rating:

  • Google Play Rating: 4.4/5.0
  • App Store Rating: 4.4 /5.0
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Features of BIGO LIVE

  1. Go Live: Go live with just 1 touch and do anything you like, singing, dancing, eating, chatting, playing games… You can earn real money from virtual gifting by sharing your talent with fans all around the world
  2. Watch Live Streaming: Millions of talented broadcasters are here, including top stars and KOLs.
  3. Video Chat: Video calls can be one-on-one or group chats with up to 12 users.
  4. Voice Chat: Talk in real time with people nearby or from all over the world.
  5. Live PK: You can invite 1-3 friends for an online PK to enjoy more exciting live streaming.
  6. Bar: Share your videos and photos, engage with friends.
  7. Community: Join 400+ communities to find friends with similar interests.  

How Does BIGO LIVE Work?

BIGO LIVE makes live streaming easy and accessible on your smartphone so shooting live moments on daily life can be done by most of us. It lets you (known on the app as a ‘broadcaster’) broadcast videos, chat, share and follow different broadcasters.

During your live video, followers can type in comments that you and other audiences will see at the bottom of the screen. Followers can also send you gifts which can be encash in real money to support you. Many popular broadcasters also make a living from BIGO LIVE. Learn how to make money from BIGO LIVE.

What Do Parents Need to Know About BIGO LIVE?

Due to its exploding popularity among younger audiences and young gamers, BIGO LIVE is definitely a platform that parents will want to pay attention to. 

To a certain degree, live Streaming is risky. Live streaming is naturally unpredictable and there are no rewinds or undo buttons when you are living life in real time with hundreds of followers. Despite BIGO’s increased efforts into monitoring, hate speech, fake news and cyberbullying can still go unchecked. Thus, BIGO LIVE and its user-generated content is not always the safest platform for kids. BIGO LIVE is only for people whose age is 18+. If you found your children under 18 is using the app, you should stop it to prevent inappropriate content being sent to your children.  

For an adult, you can protect yourself from any inappropriate content by doing followings:

  • Block a user –  if you notice inappropriate behavior, bullying, or any other rule-breaking conduct on BIGO LIVE, you may block a user from chatting on your broadcast and profile by tapping on their name, navigating to the profile page, and then choosing “block”.
  • Report someone –  If someone is being rude, you can report them by tapping on their name and clicking ‘report’.
  • Review privacy policy and privacy settings on the app to makes sure they are appropriate for you.

Check It Out Yourself

At its core, BIGO LIVE is about connecting and interacting. All around the world, people fell in love with this app which lets them share their life anytime and everywhere, easily, as long as they had a smartphone. However, no app is perfect. When it comes to BIGO LIVE’s problems, inappropriate content may be one of the big issue. Good news is that BIGO has an AI monitoring and surveillance team working around the clock to do the job. We hope people to showcase their talent, discover, and stay connected in a positive, healthy, and creative way.