The 5 Best Korean Live Streaming Platforms

Live streaming has become a global phenomenon, connecting people across the world in real-time. While global giants like Facebook and Twitter have entered the live streaming space, in Korea, the landscape is dominated by unique and specialized Korean streaming platforms. These platforms cater to a wide range of interests, including the ever-popular Korean League of Legends streams.

In this article, we explore the top Korean live streaming platforms, which are not only the biggest live streaming platforms in Korea but also offer a diverse range of content, from gaming to social interactions.

Let’s explore them together!

Best Live Streaming Apps in Korea


BIGO LIVE has around 400 million users and is currently the market leader in the live sWith around 400 million users, BIGO LIVE stands as a market leader in the live streaming industry, not just in Korea but globally.

With the strategy of ‘globalization is localization’, BIGO plans to establish a market position by implementing a segmented operation method by country, from Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East to Europe, and from the East Pacific to North America.

Bigo Live has all features of a typical live streaming app. It allows you to share moments with the world by streaming; watch streams from other people from various countries, and even make friends while chatting.

As for the distinctive features of the app, it can be used as a Video Chat app. You will be able to start a one-on-one conversation with your friend or even a nearby stranger! In addition, you can add other users to the video chat, up to 12 people.

In addition, the application has many useful features, such as PK, 3D Avatar, and beauty filter.

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2. VLive

V Live or V app is a South Korean live streaming portal where idols host live streams to interact with their fans through chats. Other than that, you can also catch your favorite award shows, reality shows, and performances of your favorite idols. 

V Live is a wonderful avenue for celebrity and fan communication. Fans are updated with notifications for the celebrities they follow and can tune in immediately to their favorite star’s videos and life updates.

3. AfreecaTV

Founded in 2006, AfreecaTV is a diverse Korean live streaming platform featuring video game streamers, IRL content, and more. It’s particularly known for its vibrant gaming community, making it an ideal platform for those interested in Korean League of Legends streams. IRL content is made up of mukbangs, just chatting sessions, study sessions, and exotic dances.

Broadcasters on AfreecaTV are known as BJs or Broadcast Jockeys. Users can upload and view videos, live chat with other users, and participate in discussion boards.

4. Hakuna Live

Hakuna Live ranked ninth in the social entertainment category of “2021 Koreans’ favorite mobile apps”.

Hakuna Live is an interactive social live streaming platform where you can enjoy various contents such as daily sharing, quiz shows, rap battles, and casual games. As of December of 2021, it has been downloaded more than 10 million times on the Google Play Store, continuing its popularity.

This service supports ‘multi-guest mode’ and ‘radio mode’ where up to 4 people can broadcast simultaneously in a split screen.

Currently, the service is provided in more than 50 regions and countries, including the South Korea, United States, Japan, India, and Taiwan, in more than 20 languages.

5. Twitch

Twitch is the one of the most popular streaming platforms providing live game content along While it’s a global giant, Twitch also holds a significant place in the Korean live streaming landscape.

The platform also showcases eSports, music broadcasts and creative content. You can stream content from categories like Arts, Food & Beverage, Science & Technology, Podcasts, and more.

To stream on Twitch, tap your profile icon in the upper right corner, enter the description and category, then click “start stream”.

While Twitch continues to dominate the live streaming landscape, it’s not the only option for gamers and content creators. For those interested in exploring, our detailed article on Twitch alternatives can be a valuable resource.

To Wrap It Up!

Live streaming has truly transformed the way we connect and share with the world. Nowadays, anyone, from celebrities to everyday folks, can go live, be it to share talents, tutorials, opinions, or simply to have a heart-to-heart chat in real time.

While there are countless streaming apps globally, if you’re specifically searching for top-notch korean streaming platforms, I’ve got just the recommendations for you! Let’s dive into them and find the perfect fit for your needs.