Meet ‘Sudiksha Datta’ a Bigo Live Fitness host & Indian Powerlifter!

Sudiksha, was merely 13 year old when her dad got a heart stroke and she lost him & suddenly she had to grow up leaving my childhood behind.

As per her “Being a single parent is very difficult, I know that because I have seen my mother struggle for us for our needs and our better future. Everyone had their own share of suggestions for me in order to help my mom, no one asked what I wanted to do. I grew up did engineering even though I didn’t want to, started working in corporate sector and meanwhile I developed my interest in powerlifting which made me feel happy & stress-free”

Sudiksha started her fitness journey on social media. She says “I loved posting my workouts and getting compliments for my strength, and I played powerlifting competitions- one medal after the other District, North India, Nationals. I won 1 gold and 1 silver medal in National Level Powerlifting Then I decided that I should make my career in fitness because this is what I love, even though I bagged gold in Nationals, my family was still against opting fitness as a profession, they said I won’t earn good, this won’t last long and that this is not for females it’s a male dominant field. I was still living my corporate life because of family pressure, I wasn’t happy at all, this made me irregular to gym and I was very depressed with it, because things that you don’t love you can’t excel in it”

“Now, I had a new motive which was to show the people who always pulled me back that women are no less than men, be it in anything. My mother showed full support and belief in me, which helped me perform even better “

Sudiksha always wanted to earn good and earn at her own terms. Bigo Live helped her become a well-known Fitness Influencer and reach people around the globe. Bigo offered her a platform to showcase her talent to a very different set of audience. She says “The platform has given a space to share knowledge and experience with the people around, be it about achieving their dreams, taking care of their body physically but mentally also, as in today’s date people go through so much of depression, anxiety and don’t even share with anyone, but being a fitness and health influencer I try that my content focuses on making people smile, on giving them a new direction to fight their anxiety and on helping them relieve all the stress when they are at my live stream by any chance”

Sudiska, today is living that dream and earning good both at the same time, but there is still lot more to conquer, she says. Last but not the least, she shares “

 “I would like to conclude by sharing the biggest lesson I learnt in this whole journey- there is nothing in this world that a man can do but a woman can’t, if you have the will and if you are strong minded you’ll surely conquer it one day. Always, remember why you started and think about the people who are beside you, not the ones who constantly drag you down!”